Ancient Paths – Loveland, CO

Message of Life Ministries 605 Southwest 18th Street, Loveland, Colorado

The Ancient Paths is the original 16-hour Ancient Paths Experience. The teaching includes solid principles and moving examples that open the heart for ministry to receive healing from a cursed identity. The intent of the teaching is not just for information, but to expose hidden areas of woundedness that have occurred in the family of […]

Overcoming Anger – Loveland, CO

Message of Life Ministries 605 SW 18th Street, Loveland, CO

Why would you want to manage your anger when you can learn to overcome? Overcoming Anger is a 9-hour (typically full day on Saturday) video experience, taught by Craig Hill, that presents practical, biblically-based reasons for anger and solutions to overcome anger and other compulsive habits. The teaching and small group ministry, led by trained […]